Live Bots

Here are some fun examples of Twitterbots living life to the max…


This bot takes photos of drones from Google Images and then runs them through an algorithm that attempts to describe what it sees. The results range from accurate to poetry. Creator: Rebecca Lieberman. More info: Toronto Deep Learning.


The best way to explore art these days is on Twitter, thanks to a number of bots—new and old—that randomly tweet objects from museums around the world. The best one to emerge this year draws from the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, in Zurich, which has an amazing design collection. The account is an endless source of Modernism and beauty. One great thing about these museum bots is that most of the stuff they tweet isn’t actually on display at the museums, so you’re getting a peek inside their vast, air-conditioned archives. Creator: John Emerson. More info: Social Design Notes.


This Twitter account extinguishes the 🔥 emoji from random tweets: